Friday, August 29, 2014


I just received the most horrifying, soul-crushing news today. I rarely am a super-fanatic about anything, but there is one thing I hold very, very dear. And it's about to be ruined in all the ways something can be ruined.

Lakeshore Entertainment (Am I the only one who hasn't even heard of this company? This is already bad) is planning on rebooting the Underworld series.

If you are, like me, a ridiculously die-hard fan of the Underworld movie franchise, then you'll be just as upset. Unfortunately, Lakeshore Entertainment does not have a Twitter account (at least one that is not readily apparent, if it does exist), and I therefore can't yell at them directly.

So, I've started the SAVE UNDERWORLD Facebook page. Show your support and post your outrage. The more noise we make, the more likely they are to pay attention.

The series isn't even that old! Certainly not old enough for a "reboot." We all still want to know WHERE'S MICHAEL, and if we let Lakeshore have their way, we will never know.

Seriously, how crappy a writer do you have to be that, instead of continuing a story, you have to go back and rewrite the original?

My response to this--AW HELL NAW. Lakeshore, LEAVE UNDERWORLD ALONE. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Twitter Is An Asshat (Or, No Kudos For Finally Getting Shit Right)

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrible social media bullying that Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, endured after her father's death. The bullying was cruel and inhumane, perpetuated by some truly sick and disgusting people.

Twitter has since "vowed" to improve its policies regarding bullying on its site since the harassment of Zelda Williams. Looks good on paper, right? Some of you may be thinking, "Oh, the company saw a problem and stepped up to fix it! Good for them."

Hold up there, cowboys. It's not like that at all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Say What?" Personnel Things Are For Staff Only

(Seen in several places, but most recently in a book I read. The book was otherwise fabulous, but it was literally polluted with this mistake).

"It was his personnel stash from home."

"She put her personnel feelings on the back burner."

Reeeaally. What you're telling me is that man, bless his soul, loved his staff members SO MUCH, he not only had a stash of them, but he took them with him to wherever he was going. I wonder if the staff members in question had any say in the matter, or if they were all simply stuffed into a duffel bag and carted away. (Though, in my honest opinion, that would have been rather cruel. The staff members in the duffel bag would have been cramped and hot, and the trip would have been an unpleasant experience for them.)

And the second character has feelings toward her staff members, feelings that get in the way of other things. Her feelings about her staff get in the way so much, she has to put that shit on the back burner in order to function. That's some hella good personnel she's got right there.

So, if you ever feel unimportant, take a good look around at yourself and your coworkers. Know that YOU, the personnel, are important enough that your boss will cart you with him/her everywhere, and their rather strong feelings about you can get in the way of their lives. You, personnel, have that power. Wield it wisely.

*Personal, and you're welcome.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Writing Strong Female Characters (Or, Sass Does Not Equal Whoopass)

"My character is a strong, independent female who doesn't take any crap from anyone!" the claim goes. But then, once you get to reading the actual story, you discover that the female character in the story isn't "strong" at all--she's stupid with a sassy mouth.

That's right--stupid with a sassy mouth, and that's it.

These female characters still have Sculpted-Abs-Angry-Wasp-Man (SAAWM for short) hovering and controlling their every move. That is, until Sassy-Yet-Stupid (SYS for short) decides she knows better and plunges headlong into danger, time and time again, requiring SAAWM to swoop in and save her poor, helpless self.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Think I Can't Be Eloquent? Think Again.

This post is regarding a debate regarding Facebook's new Messenger app. Someone wrote an article full of paranoia and idiocy, making outrageous claims about the app permissions. Here is part of the tail end of the debate, when someone accused me of being "self-righteous," bashing people (I honestly wasn't), and on a high horse. This is what I had to say to that, and about the idiocy rampant in our culture in general. Enjoy.

First off, if I was "bashing," you'd know it. I wasn't.

Second, I have no patience for people who buy into every sensationalist load of garbage someone posts out there without doing any research themselves on the subject, THEN repost said garbage, thus--intentionally or not--spreading said garbage further into the public, which in turns causes various levels of hysteria and outrage that I get to see directed at the company I work for, and others, who are guilty of nothing, and for no reason other than the public bought a bunch of BS written by an attention-seeking idiot and spread enthusiastically by others.

It's articles like that, and people who share them (who are trying to do a good thing, I understand, but aren't), who are contributing to the dumbing down of society. I don't want society dumbed down. I want people to fact-check for themselves before buying sensationalist BS.

Do I seem aggressive about it? Good, because I am. I want society to THINK, which they are all doing less and less of lately. No, tech companies aren't saints, but they aren't devils either. And much of what is attributed to them by people who, when asked if their computer runs on Windows and they reply "Internet Explorer," is nothing more than fantastical thinking combined with a colossal ignorance of the subject they're so willing to vilify.

In short, if it's OMGZ THEY'RE DOING EEEEEEVVVVVIIILLLL, you might want to pause, take a breath, and use google for its intended purpose before freaking out.