Monday, July 28, 2014

Elise Writes A Song

So, the fantastic Eve Jacob did this most amazing video of herself playing the piano and singing. (She has an amazeballs voice, so if you haven't listened yet, do that right now.) After I gushed profusely at her prowess, Evey then said she'd like to hear me sing too.

Fair enough! So, I thought long and hard about what song I wanted to do, and decided to do one I'd written myself. After several days figuring out the Garageband app, the song is almost done. So, I thought I'd leak a little teaser out there. This is the song, not yet quite complete, and without the lyrics. The finished product is coming shortly :)

For now, have a listen to Nothing Left (v. 1.3):

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fourth Instance by Rachel O'Neill

The smoke from the wreckage filled the sky. As soldiers and emergency personnel arrived to secure the scene they found what they expected: charred, broken bodies scattered across the field. What they didn’t expect to find was her.

The sole survivor of the tragedy, she stood in the midst of the field with her back to the rescue teams. Her sweet summer dress, now torn and covered in ash, and her long blonde hair blew in the hot winds surrounding the wreckage.

Cries of “Survivor! We have a survivor!” filled the site. The emergency personnel called it a miracle that the young woman wasn’t destroyed in the blast, but they were suspicious. Soldiers approached with caution, fanning around the site.

Andori and The Sun Man by Mary Wright

A tall, bright bulb of light appeared before Andori, and said that this was a day of opportunity for him.


“Is that all you have to say!” The Sun Man said aggravated, his human-genie-elf-like form changing to make his appearance not so blinding, “I choose this day to appear before you, and you do not say things that make sense!”

All the legends, he believed them, sure. But he didn’t think that The Sun Man was actually going to appear before him. He had worshipped The Sun Man statue all his life, as everyone else did. But here he was, hovering. “I…..believed you were real.” Said Andori, slowly, careful not to trip over his tongue, “I just didn’t think you were really real.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Link to a New World (Zelda Fanfic) by Megan Elliott

All laughter I had inside of me dissipated like a popped bubble. “My name is Zaria Yumiko, I come from Oakbank but I’m guessing you wouldn’t know where that is…. As for how I got here, I have no idea. I went to bed and woke up in a desert. I wish I could tell you more but I really don’t know anything.” I look at them, pleading with my eyes hoping they’ll believe me, I know I should still be frightened out of my mind right now, but being in this place, I feel at peace. It almost feels as if I’m home, I lock eyes with Link for just an instant and I see a sense of hope in the depths of his blue eyes. I avert my eyes quickly to hide my embarrassment, I can already feel the blush creeping into my cheeks.

Bushy brows speaks up again, I’m going to assume he’s the head honcho in this place. “Well Link, since you insisted upon bringing her here, then you must take responsibility for her. You know we do not like having many outsiders in our peaceful grove. I suggest you take her to your place for safe keeping. I will let Saria know you are here and perhaps she could give us some guidance for the time being.”

Sumerian Supper by Kai Kiriyama

“I have to admit that I'm impressed,” Anzu said, a smile plastered across his deformed face. He had been beautiful, once upon a time. He had been worshipped as a god of thunder, mightier than Thor and Zeus combined andrevered for his feathers. Now, he'd been sentenced to a half-life of disgrace with nothing but the shadows to keep him company. His scarred and mutilated face was his constant reminder that the light cannot survive in the darkness.

        The elder gods seemed to forget about what dwelt in the darkness and Anzu soon found himself a companion named Namtar.

       Namtar smiled, his crooked teeth somehow pearly white, his face round and jolly despite the evil in his purple eyes. “You never believe me when I say that I have a solution to your problems,” Namtar complained, turning the spit on which he was cooking. “I have a solution for everything, I am, after all, the companion of Fate.”


"You do not speak to it...”
                                                 – Father Lucas Trevant
                                                          The Rite, Mikael Håfström

. . .
“How long have you been blind?...” The journalist asked, staring cautiously at the blind man. Especially his eyes. His  cigarette smouldered with faint curving clouds of smoke.
“Blind?” Confusion fell over the blind man.
“... the cloudy white... the,  over your eyes... that, cataract!”  The journalist continued.
“Anyway, I’ve not heard, anything go bump in the night... so far.”
“You,.. How long did you hear the sounds, being emitted inside your home?  The voices, or voice?”
“3 days back...”  The blind replied.
“So, where are they?”
The blind man didn’t respond.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are looooooong overdue for one of these. Let's have fun and get your writing out there! Click HERE for details!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vendetta and Insurrection are FREE today!

That's right, per my promise, the ebooks are FREE for a day, and that day is TODAY! Get them HERE!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fiction is Fantasy (Or, Don't Get Your Panties In A Wad)

So today, I came across a blog post that showed up as a retweet on my Twitter feed. This post was written by a Pagan author, called Paganism in Fiction, and it piqued my interest. My thought process was something like, Hey, I'm a Pagan, and this is from a Pagan author. Maybe I'll see a unique insight into the use of Paganism and Paganistic concepts and structures in fiction writing! And so, I clicked the link...

...only to be disappointed with the same tired, rehashed, IT MUST BE ACCURATE!!! line of crap I've only seen about a million times in my long, 22+ years of being a Pagan.

This blog post most specifically addresses people writing stories about witches. Good witches, bad witches, whatever witches. Goes on to gripe about "stereotypes" and "misconceptions" about witches in fiction stories. Seems to willfully ignore the fact that these aren't documentaries we're talking about here--it's FICTION.

So, on to arguing some of the points in the blog. Mind you, I tried to have a civil discussion with the author directly about the topic. The author basically blew me off without really discussing anything, saying we'll "agree to disagree" when my logic proved infallible, only to return briefly for some more badly-reasoned arguments that I successfully rebutted, only so she could disappear and not say anything else. I presume it's because she realized she wasn't winning, and that it was best to not reveal her flawed logic to all her fans.

Well, there's a slight problem with that. For starters, I screenshot the whole conversation. Secondly, I have a blog. I can reply and argue to my heart's content on here. Not only that, I encourage interaction and debate, as long as it's civil.