Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shove Your "Religion" Back Up Your Ass, Arizona Politicians

Yep, I'm gonna weigh in on the whole controversy surrounding the bill currently before the Arizona governor regarding giving businesses the right to refuse service to gays based on their "sincerely held religious beliefs." There are any number of reasons why this is wrong, but let me just point a little something out that apparently, everyone else has missed.

The Bible essentially mandates that Christians not be gay. However, it says absolutely dick about selling gay people stuff. It says absolutely dick about gay people eating in restaurants. It says absolutely dick about repairing a gay person's car.

In short, it says nothing about refusing service to gay people, it only states Christians must not be gay.

So, my question is--in what way are these Christians' "sincerely held religious beliefs" being violated? No one is forcing the Christians themselves to be gay, which is the explicit command in the Bible. In no way does taking pictures of a gay couple's wedding, or serving them dinner, or selling them gasoline, make you gay. Your straightness is still intact and unaffected by providing products or services to gay people. So what, exactly, is the issue here?

The issue is that there are still people out there and--scarily enough--people in power out there who think it's perfectly legit to take their uncomfortable feelings about homosexuality and attempt to pass laws that would give them the ability to avoid that uncomfortableness by giving them the legal right to discriminate against that which makes them uncomfortable. Another population of people who were once similarly targeted with such legislation comes to mind--Black Americans. 

Yes, we already had this conversation. It's just as wrong now as it was back then. No one should face discrimination, whether they are black, white, purple, gay, straight, asexual, lotsofsexual, sometimes-sexual, whatever.

So, Arizona politicians, you can take your so-called "sincerely held religious belief" and shove it back up your ass where it belongs. Your belief, as written in your own holy book, doesn't even preclude you from associating with gay people, it simply states you shouldn't be a gay person. If your belief truly is so "sincerely held," then the issue of gays buying stamps from you should have no bearing on your life whatsoever, based on my unscientific analysis of how "sincerely" your beliefs are held. I mean, I really don't see any of you selling your daughters into slavery, or stoning your wives to death because they weren't virgins when you married, or having multiple wives, plus some mistresses on the side. I also don't see you giving all your money away to the poor like Jesus told you to. But I suppose it's ok to sincerely pick one thing out of the Bible to get your panties in a wad over.

You don't get to discriminate, call it religious freedom, and then pass laws that infringe on other people's civil rights. Not only is that kind of bullshittery expressly banned by the Constitution, it's just plain out, good ol' fashioned wrong. It was wrong when Black Americans were discriminated against, and it's wrong now.

So fuck off, Arizona politicians. Wake up and smell the real America, the one that thinks your backward, ignorant, hate-filled idiocy is something that needs to be stamped out for good. You and your kind are no longer welcome here.