Friday, August 29, 2014


I just received the most horrifying, soul-crushing news today. I rarely am a super-fanatic about anything, but there is one thing I hold very, very dear. And it's about to be ruined in all the ways something can be ruined.

Lakeshore Entertainment (Am I the only one who hasn't even heard of this company? This is already bad) is planning on rebooting the Underworld series.

If you are, like me, a ridiculously die-hard fan of the Underworld movie franchise, then you'll be just as upset. Unfortunately, Lakeshore Entertainment does not have a Twitter account (at least one that is not readily apparent, if it does exist), and I therefore can't yell at them directly.

So, I've started the SAVE UNDERWORLD Facebook page. Show your support and post your outrage. The more noise we make, the more likely they are to pay attention.

The series isn't even that old! Certainly not old enough for a "reboot." We all still want to know WHERE'S MICHAEL, and if we let Lakeshore have their way, we will never know.

Seriously, how crappy a writer do you have to be that, instead of continuing a story, you have to go back and rewrite the original?

My response to this--AW HELL NAW. Lakeshore, LEAVE UNDERWORLD ALONE. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Twitter Is An Asshat (Or, No Kudos For Finally Getting Shit Right)

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrible social media bullying that Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda Williams, endured after her father's death. The bullying was cruel and inhumane, perpetuated by some truly sick and disgusting people.

Twitter has since "vowed" to improve its policies regarding bullying on its site since the harassment of Zelda Williams. Looks good on paper, right? Some of you may be thinking, "Oh, the company saw a problem and stepped up to fix it! Good for them."

Hold up there, cowboys. It's not like that at all.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Say What?" Personnel Things Are For Staff Only

(Seen in several places, but most recently in a book I read. The book was otherwise fabulous, but it was literally polluted with this mistake).

"It was his personnel stash from home."

"She put her personnel feelings on the back burner."

Reeeaally. What you're telling me is that man, bless his soul, loved his staff members SO MUCH, he not only had a stash of them, but he took them with him to wherever he was going. I wonder if the staff members in question had any say in the matter, or if they were all simply stuffed into a duffel bag and carted away. (Though, in my honest opinion, that would have been rather cruel. The staff members in the duffel bag would have been cramped and hot, and the trip would have been an unpleasant experience for them.)

And the second character has feelings toward her staff members, feelings that get in the way of other things. Her feelings about her staff get in the way so much, she has to put that shit on the back burner in order to function. That's some hella good personnel she's got right there.

So, if you ever feel unimportant, take a good look around at yourself and your coworkers. Know that YOU, the personnel, are important enough that your boss will cart you with him/her everywhere, and their rather strong feelings about you can get in the way of their lives. You, personnel, have that power. Wield it wisely.

*Personal, and you're welcome.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Writing Strong Female Characters (Or, Sass Does Not Equal Whoopass)

"My character is a strong, independent female who doesn't take any crap from anyone!" the claim goes. But then, once you get to reading the actual story, you discover that the female character in the story isn't "strong" at all--she's stupid with a sassy mouth.

That's right--stupid with a sassy mouth, and that's it.

These female characters still have Sculpted-Abs-Angry-Wasp-Man (SAAWM for short) hovering and controlling their every move. That is, until Sassy-Yet-Stupid (SYS for short) decides she knows better and plunges headlong into danger, time and time again, requiring SAAWM to swoop in and save her poor, helpless self.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Think I Can't Be Eloquent? Think Again.

This post is regarding a debate regarding Facebook's new Messenger app. Someone wrote an article full of paranoia and idiocy, making outrageous claims about the app permissions. Here is part of the tail end of the debate, when someone accused me of being "self-righteous," bashing people (I honestly wasn't), and on a high horse. This is what I had to say to that, and about the idiocy rampant in our culture in general. Enjoy.

First off, if I was "bashing," you'd know it. I wasn't.

Second, I have no patience for people who buy into every sensationalist load of garbage someone posts out there without doing any research themselves on the subject, THEN repost said garbage, thus--intentionally or not--spreading said garbage further into the public, which in turns causes various levels of hysteria and outrage that I get to see directed at the company I work for, and others, who are guilty of nothing, and for no reason other than the public bought a bunch of BS written by an attention-seeking idiot and spread enthusiastically by others.

It's articles like that, and people who share them (who are trying to do a good thing, I understand, but aren't), who are contributing to the dumbing down of society. I don't want society dumbed down. I want people to fact-check for themselves before buying sensationalist BS.

Do I seem aggressive about it? Good, because I am. I want society to THINK, which they are all doing less and less of lately. No, tech companies aren't saints, but they aren't devils either. And much of what is attributed to them by people who, when asked if their computer runs on Windows and they reply "Internet Explorer," is nothing more than fantastical thinking combined with a colossal ignorance of the subject they're so willing to vilify.

In short, if it's OMGZ THEY'RE DOING EEEEEEVVVVVIIILLLL, you might want to pause, take a breath, and use google for its intended purpose before freaking out.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Elise Writes A Song

So, the fantastic Eve Jacob did this most amazing video of herself playing the piano and singing. (She has an amazeballs voice, so if you haven't listened yet, do that right now.) After I gushed profusely at her prowess, Evey then said she'd like to hear me sing too.

Fair enough! So, I thought long and hard about what song I wanted to do, and decided to do one I'd written myself. After several days figuring out the Garageband app, the song is almost done. So, I thought I'd leak a little teaser out there. This is the song, not yet quite complete, and without the lyrics. The finished product is coming shortly :)

For now, have a listen to Nothing Left (v. 1.3):

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Fourth Instance by Rachel O'Neill

The smoke from the wreckage filled the sky. As soldiers and emergency personnel arrived to secure the scene they found what they expected: charred, broken bodies scattered across the field. What they didn’t expect to find was her.

The sole survivor of the tragedy, she stood in the midst of the field with her back to the rescue teams. Her sweet summer dress, now torn and covered in ash, and her long blonde hair blew in the hot winds surrounding the wreckage.

Cries of “Survivor! We have a survivor!” filled the site. The emergency personnel called it a miracle that the young woman wasn’t destroyed in the blast, but they were suspicious. Soldiers approached with caution, fanning around the site.

Andori and The Sun Man by Mary Wright

A tall, bright bulb of light appeared before Andori, and said that this was a day of opportunity for him.


“Is that all you have to say!” The Sun Man said aggravated, his human-genie-elf-like form changing to make his appearance not so blinding, “I choose this day to appear before you, and you do not say things that make sense!”

All the legends, he believed them, sure. But he didn’t think that The Sun Man was actually going to appear before him. He had worshipped The Sun Man statue all his life, as everyone else did. But here he was, hovering. “I…..believed you were real.” Said Andori, slowly, careful not to trip over his tongue, “I just didn’t think you were really real.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Link to a New World (Zelda Fanfic) by Megan Elliott

All laughter I had inside of me dissipated like a popped bubble. “My name is Zaria Yumiko, I come from Oakbank but I’m guessing you wouldn’t know where that is…. As for how I got here, I have no idea. I went to bed and woke up in a desert. I wish I could tell you more but I really don’t know anything.” I look at them, pleading with my eyes hoping they’ll believe me, I know I should still be frightened out of my mind right now, but being in this place, I feel at peace. It almost feels as if I’m home, I lock eyes with Link for just an instant and I see a sense of hope in the depths of his blue eyes. I avert my eyes quickly to hide my embarrassment, I can already feel the blush creeping into my cheeks.

Bushy brows speaks up again, I’m going to assume he’s the head honcho in this place. “Well Link, since you insisted upon bringing her here, then you must take responsibility for her. You know we do not like having many outsiders in our peaceful grove. I suggest you take her to your place for safe keeping. I will let Saria know you are here and perhaps she could give us some guidance for the time being.”

Sumerian Supper by Kai Kiriyama

“I have to admit that I'm impressed,” Anzu said, a smile plastered across his deformed face. He had been beautiful, once upon a time. He had been worshipped as a god of thunder, mightier than Thor and Zeus combined andrevered for his feathers. Now, he'd been sentenced to a half-life of disgrace with nothing but the shadows to keep him company. His scarred and mutilated face was his constant reminder that the light cannot survive in the darkness.

        The elder gods seemed to forget about what dwelt in the darkness and Anzu soon found himself a companion named Namtar.

       Namtar smiled, his crooked teeth somehow pearly white, his face round and jolly despite the evil in his purple eyes. “You never believe me when I say that I have a solution to your problems,” Namtar complained, turning the spit on which he was cooking. “I have a solution for everything, I am, after all, the companion of Fate.”


"You do not speak to it...”
                                                 – Father Lucas Trevant
                                                          The Rite, Mikael Håfström

. . .
“How long have you been blind?...” The journalist asked, staring cautiously at the blind man. Especially his eyes. His  cigarette smouldered with faint curving clouds of smoke.
“Blind?” Confusion fell over the blind man.
“... the cloudy white... the,  over your eyes... that, cataract!”  The journalist continued.
“Anyway, I’ve not heard, anything go bump in the night... so far.”
“You,.. How long did you hear the sounds, being emitted inside your home?  The voices, or voice?”
“3 days back...”  The blind replied.
“So, where are they?”
The blind man didn’t respond.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are looooooong overdue for one of these. Let's have fun and get your writing out there! Click HERE for details!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vendetta and Insurrection are FREE today!

That's right, per my promise, the ebooks are FREE for a day, and that day is TODAY! Get them HERE!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fiction is Fantasy (Or, Don't Get Your Panties In A Wad)

So today, I came across a blog post that showed up as a retweet on my Twitter feed. This post was written by a Pagan author, called Paganism in Fiction, and it piqued my interest. My thought process was something like, Hey, I'm a Pagan, and this is from a Pagan author. Maybe I'll see a unique insight into the use of Paganism and Paganistic concepts and structures in fiction writing! And so, I clicked the link...

...only to be disappointed with the same tired, rehashed, IT MUST BE ACCURATE!!! line of crap I've only seen about a million times in my long, 22+ years of being a Pagan.

This blog post most specifically addresses people writing stories about witches. Good witches, bad witches, whatever witches. Goes on to gripe about "stereotypes" and "misconceptions" about witches in fiction stories. Seems to willfully ignore the fact that these aren't documentaries we're talking about here--it's FICTION.

So, on to arguing some of the points in the blog. Mind you, I tried to have a civil discussion with the author directly about the topic. The author basically blew me off without really discussing anything, saying we'll "agree to disagree" when my logic proved infallible, only to return briefly for some more badly-reasoned arguments that I successfully rebutted, only so she could disappear and not say anything else. I presume it's because she realized she wasn't winning, and that it was best to not reveal her flawed logic to all her fans.

Well, there's a slight problem with that. For starters, I screenshot the whole conversation. Secondly, I have a blog. I can reply and argue to my heart's content on here. Not only that, I encourage interaction and debate, as long as it's civil. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Say What?" Part I've-Lost-Track: Cars Are Fragile Things

(Seen in books written by real authors. I have one question--WHERE IS YOUR EDITOR????)

"She slammed on the breaks, narrowly avoiding the animal in the road." 

And, conversely:

"He took a brake, too stressed out to keep going."


For starters, both words can be used as nouns or verbs. I understand how this can be confusing (not really), but bear (not "bare," we'll get to that in another post) with me here.

In the first instance, I suppose it would be helpful if your car tore into a million pieces to avoid hitting an innocent animal in the road. But, to be honest, I can't see that there is any guarantee a random piece won't hit said animal; and, I don't know that car manufacturers would stay in business for very long if, every time there was an obstacle, your vehicle fell to bits.

In the second instance, I am confused as to how a brake (pictured above) could relieve stress, but hey, I understand everyone is different, and I am completely accepting of the fact that a brake brings you some measure of comfort. Even if that is really effing weird.

So, to recap:

* "She slammed on the brakes" or

   "He put the brakes on the idea" (meaning he stopped it from progressing)


   "He took a break" or

   "Glass breaks easily"

And you're welcome.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Invent A Word Challenge!

Alright guys, today is not a "Say What?" post, but it is word-related nonetheless. As it turns out, I am in need of a word. A word that doesn't exist. And here's where you guys enter into it.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to invent a word that more or less represents a huff/growl/bark sound. Think: the Uruk Hai in the Lord of the Rings movies, or the werewolves in Underworld. That short, kind of breathing-out-yet-growling-but-intimidating-like-a-short-bark sound. That is what I need a word for.

Winner of the contest gets a special mention in Awakening and the prestige of having invented a new word. Wish I could offer more, but shipping costs and all that LOL.

You can leave your suggestions in the comments here, post them to my Facebook page, or tweet them to me. Let the inventing begin!

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Say What?" Part 13: English, You're Doing It Wrong

(Brought to my attention by the lovely Eve Jacob via Twitter. This, folks...this is what I've been fighting against with this entire series. Click on the picture for the full article from Buzzfeed.)

*, and you're welcome.

Monday, May 12, 2014

"Say What?" Part 12: If There's An "S," You Better Apostrophe The Hell Outta That

(Seen literally everywhere, from internet posts, flyers and advertisements, published books(!!!), to signs for businesses. I mean, really, you'd think the sign-makers, ad-writers, and AUTHORS would have spellchecked their shit first. Apparently not.)


Monday, May 5, 2014

"Say What?" Part 11: Contractions, Part 2: Unfortunately, The Abuse Continues

(If you missed the first bit about contractions and the use of the word "of," click here to see it. This is a follow-up to that post, as I've just read a book that proves some people still aren't paying any damn attention.)

Ok, so I just got done reading a book. It was a very good story, overall. However, I had a mild a seizure every time I saw what I'm about to share with you. The book was littered with this, and so I felt some continuing education on the use of contractions utilizing the word "have" was in order.

(Note: This not an example taken directly from the book. I do my best not to reveal the names or other identifying details of people who commit these word abuses, because I'm not out to publicly shame anyone.)

"He had to of taken the other path."

NO.  NO.  NO.  And NO some more.

If you're going to get all vernacular with the word "have," you still need to follow the rules. People--especially AUTHORS, for crying out loud--you really need to listen to me. Don't engage in this word abuse. "Of" does not mean "have," and it never will. THINK about what you're typing before you type it. Or, for the love of all that's holy, GET AN EDITOR. A real editor, not your bff.

*He had to've taken the other path (or, if that looks too funny for you, just separate the damn words out--had to have), and you're welcome.

"Say What?" Addendum: This May Become The Series Logo

"Say What?" Part 10: I Can't Even

(Seen as I was surfing le net. Caused my brain to explode. Decided there was no need for extensive commentary, it pretty much speaks for itself.)

*What, of, little, LACTOSE INTOLERANT, and, where, and you're welcome.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Say What?" Part 9: Where Can I Get My Own Group Of Sick People? Are They Expensive?

(Seen everywhere, in article comments, the news articles themselves(!!!), text messages, emails, you name it.)

"I'd like to buy it, but I just don't have the patients to wait that long in line."

Is that why I hate standing in line so much? Or why I hate waiting for anything, for that matter? I never knew that in order to enjoy the experience of waiting--or at least tolerate it--I needed a contingent of sick people with me.

So, how many sick people do I need? Is there a set number I should have with me, or does it vary by person? Does degree of illness matter, i.e., the sicker the people, the more enjoyable the waiting experience?

And, most importantly--where can I get them? I'll spend good, hard cash on anything that makes sitting for an interminable amount of time at the DMV an event I actually look forward to.

*Patience, and you're welcome.

"Say What?" Part 8: Some People Just Don't Get Satyr

(Brought to my attention by the lovely Natasha Ahmed via Twitter. This may be a one-off, but it's so egregious, especially considering who committed this offense, that I had to include it.)

"It might be a satyr and all, but I did not like it." 

And here's a picture of one, in case you're curious:

The above quote came directly from a self-proclaimed book reviewer's site, and it was a one-sentence review of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. Of course, we're all aware that the main storyline--about a man pretending to be his own brother, and the drama and mixups that ensue--is a well-crafted front for a truly insightful look at the lives of lustful Greek beings who only want to party their asses off and bang the ladies until dawn...right?

And I totally get it. Being assaulted with loads of seemingly innocent imagery and passages that hide an agenda promoting the awesomeness of satyrs, in a book that never mentions them, would grind on my nerves, too. I get enough satyr in my daily life, thank you. I don't need to read something that flaunts it throughout the entire story, albeit in a very ninja-like fashion. So ninja-like, in fact, that I don't think many people realize that a story about a man pretending to be his brother is really a "satyr acceptance" indoctrination campaign.

*Satire, and you're welcome.

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Say What?" Part 7: You Are So Doctor-Ish

(Seen when people are trying to point out contradictions in another's argument, opinion, or beliefs.)

"Stop being so Hippocratical."

"You're being a Hippocrate."

Hippocrates, from whose name we get such terms as "The Hippocratic Oath," was the father of modern medicine. And while he is, in fact, famous for his medical achievements, he is not widely considered a contradictory person. In fact, I know of no historical record that points to Hippocrates being the kind of man who says one thing, then says something completely opposite of that thing, without understanding that the two things are mutually exclusive. Nope, he was a pretty consistent guy.

Further, the Hippocratic Oath is the oath doctors take, the one where they pledge they will do no harm, as well as pledge all kinds of other nice things like promising to take care of their patients, be compassionate, and so forth. To be "Hippocratic" means to be like Hippocrates was--a doctor, a healer, a compassionate person who seeks to better the health and well-being of those who are sick or injured.

So, when you tell someone to "stop being Hippocratical," you're actually telling them to stop being so doctor-like. Damn those doctor-like people, anyhow. Godforsaken scum! No one likes those assholes, with all their talk of diet and exercise and eating those disgusting vegetables. Who do they think they are, anyway?

*Hypocritical and hypocrite, respectively, and you're welcome.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Say What?" Part 6: The Dogs of War

Note: Feel free to comment on any or all of these. If you personally happen to see one of these egregious, twitch-inducing grammar/spelling/word abuses yourself and would like me to address it, TELL ME! I'm happy to take them all on.

(Seen in honest-to-god novels. This was done by real authors, which makes it just that much worse.)

"He's a war mongrel."

And apparently, mongrels come in pumpernickel and rye varieties.

...but I digress.

Throughout history, there have been many shining examples of exemplary military leadership. These include the feats of General Shaggy Biscuitlover, who, through superior might, managed to get dogs everywhere recognized as "good boys." Or how about Warlord Fluffybutt McSnowball who, through a tricksy, ninja-like campaign, guaranteed endless petting for those dogs with long, soft fur.

If it wasn't for military leaders like Shaggy Biscuitlover and Fluffybutt McSnowball, dogs would not enjoy the cushioned comfort and endless lavishment by humans that they do today. So let us all take a moment to honor those war mongrels, as their noble sacrifices have bettered the lives of dogs everywhere.

*Warmonger (please also note this is ONE word, not two), and you're welcome.

Possible Beginning to a New WIP? You Decide!

Right, so this is just a random inspiration I had. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments--should I make this a bona-fide story, or does it suck balls and need trashed?

"The cat was in the closet."

That's how the story starts, any time someone asks me.

"She'd been restless for about a week before," I'd tell people. I could see that the pain in my eyes radiated out to them--my listeners could feel the heaviness and old hurt that never really healed. The air would grow more somber around us, the listener's face more grave.

"We didn't know why. We thought maybe she was sick, but a trip to the vet ruled that out." And I'd pause there, every time, sucking in a bracing breath before continuing my tale. "She skulked around the house, a black shadow leery of everything and anything. We couldn't comfort her, couldn't make her feel safe. And then, that day, she refused to come out of the closet."

And that's where my throat always chokes with sobs I try to keep suppressed, but they always seem to bubble over despite my efforts. My eyes fill with tears, and if I'm lucky, I'm taking a drag off a cigarette someone's found. Of all the horrible things that had happened, my cat still invoked the most despair. 

Because after that day, I never saw her again. Never had a chance to feel her soft, black fur under my fingers; no chance to hear her gentle, rumbling purr; never again have the chance to feel her sweet kisses on my forehead in the mornings.

When that day came, we had no choice. Consumed with our own survival, we forgot about the one innocent life, the one that depended wholly and completely on us to keep her safe. We each thought the other had gotten her, but neither of us had. A poor excuse, I scold myself. I should have checked.

But no, we fled for our lives like billions of other humans on the planet, running as far and as fast as our cars--and later, our legs--could take us. We were full of thoughts about supplies, weapons, shelter, and safety, and spared no thought for our precious furbaby.

A lapse I will never forgive myself for.

I tried to tell myself she would have been unsuited to this new world we found ourselves in. Her gentle nature couldn't have withstood the running, the fighting, the scraping survival we all now found ourselves in. She would have likely died from the stress...or maybe I underestimated her. Maybe she could have adapted, like we are all doing now, to live this life. But she'll never get the chance, and I'll never get to see her step up to the challenge.

All I have of her now is the knowledge that she's gone, like so many others. Gone, and never coming back.

"She wouldn't come out of the closet," I'd say, turning haunted eyes to my listener. "And then we found out why." 

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Say What?" Part 5: I Defiantly Post Hilarious Stuff

(Seen pretty much everywhere, on all kinds of posts, all over the interwebz.)

"I defiantly know that movie's gonna suck."

Even Google knows you're wrong!

It's nice to know you're so certain about everything in life--so very certain, in fact, that you insist on making your certainty a point of rebellion. You aren't just sure you know something; you are defiantly sure, the kind of defiant sureness that sent men to their deaths in ancient wars for freedom.

All hail you, the King or Queen of Defiance. If it wasn't for you, talking points would never be so solidly fitted within our psyches, screaming their truthfulness into our waking and sleeping minds until, one day, we are compelled to tell the world that This.  Is.  Sparta!!!

*Definitely, and you're welcome.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Say What?" Part 4: Contractions, They Are So Mysterious

(Seen pretty much everywhere, resulting in a lovely, calloused lump on my forehead from so much "headdesking.")

"I should of looked at that earlier."

"I would of bought it, but I had to pay the water bill."

"I could of gone to the game, but I was too tired."

"I may of put the book in the bedroom."

"Say What?" Part 3: My Purposes Are...Intense

Note: Yes, I'm posting several at once today. Why? Because I have ADD, if I don't do them now, I'll forget to do them. It could be years before I remember, and that would not be conducive to doing this blog series.

(Seen on posts made by people who are generally trying to elaborate on or conclude a point, which is kind of ironic.)

"For all intensive purposes..."

So, you're talking about all purposes that could be intense, right? Like time-intensive work, or the intensive care unit at a hospital. Not sure how that applies to the point you're trying to make on a blog post about the best way to fry chicken, but hey, I can appreciate that really good fried chicken might very well be an intensive task. Too bad the way you used the phrase made no sense whatsoever.

*For all intents and purposes, and you're welcome.

"Say What?" Part 2: Ballin'

(Seen on various heartwarming/tearjerker articles, blog posts, etc. around the web.)

"I balled my eyes out!"

If you don't know what this is, then clearly you've never made an attractive fruit salad.

Did you do that with a melon baller? That must have been unpleasant, and extremely traumatic for anyone who had to witness that event. I can only imagine that the "voices" told you an excruciatingly painful path to blindness was your destiny in life.

*Bawled, and you're welcome.

"Say What?" Part 1: The Plague of Viscosity

(Seen on various posts about dogs/alleged "bully breeds"/etc.)

"Dogs don't become viscous overnight."

I certainly hope not. That would be disgusting and, to be honest, rather disturbing. Not to mention that once you report this to the authorities, the CDC will quickly quarantine your area, and the government is likely to nuke the hell out of your happy town to prevent the spread of whatever contagion caused your dog to become viscous.

*Vicious, and you're welcome.

Update and New Web Series

Ok, first the update--

If you didn't already know, I've been having some health issues lately. I've had to have gallbladder surgery and have a stent put in, as well as experiencing neurological issues. The neurological issues include numbness in my hands and fingers, making it difficult to type. That is improving, though, and writing on Awakening is finally continuing.

Next, I have decided that since people nationwide seem to be having an issue with either correct word usage, proper phrases, or both, that I'm going to start the "Say What?" web series. This will be my correction of these common mistakes, and they will be super funny. How do I know they'll be super funny? Because I will be writing them, that's why. 

So, if you haven't already seen the first "Say What?" post, go back to the main blog page and look for it there, because I'll be posting it shortly after this one.

Much love to you all!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shove Your "Religion" Back Up Your Ass, Arizona Politicians

Yep, I'm gonna weigh in on the whole controversy surrounding the bill currently before the Arizona governor regarding giving businesses the right to refuse service to gays based on their "sincerely held religious beliefs." There are any number of reasons why this is wrong, but let me just point a little something out that apparently, everyone else has missed.

The Bible essentially mandates that Christians not be gay. However, it says absolutely dick about selling gay people stuff. It says absolutely dick about gay people eating in restaurants. It says absolutely dick about repairing a gay person's car.

In short, it says nothing about refusing service to gay people, it only states Christians must not be gay.

So, my question is--in what way are these Christians' "sincerely held religious beliefs" being violated? No one is forcing the Christians themselves to be gay, which is the explicit command in the Bible. In no way does taking pictures of a gay couple's wedding, or serving them dinner, or selling them gasoline, make you gay. Your straightness is still intact and unaffected by providing products or services to gay people. So what, exactly, is the issue here?

The issue is that there are still people out there and--scarily enough--people in power out there who think it's perfectly legit to take their uncomfortable feelings about homosexuality and attempt to pass laws that would give them the ability to avoid that uncomfortableness by giving them the legal right to discriminate against that which makes them uncomfortable. Another population of people who were once similarly targeted with such legislation comes to mind--Black Americans. 

Yes, we already had this conversation. It's just as wrong now as it was back then. No one should face discrimination, whether they are black, white, purple, gay, straight, asexual, lotsofsexual, sometimes-sexual, whatever.

So, Arizona politicians, you can take your so-called "sincerely held religious belief" and shove it back up your ass where it belongs. Your belief, as written in your own holy book, doesn't even preclude you from associating with gay people, it simply states you shouldn't be a gay person. If your belief truly is so "sincerely held," then the issue of gays buying stamps from you should have no bearing on your life whatsoever, based on my unscientific analysis of how "sincerely" your beliefs are held. I mean, I really don't see any of you selling your daughters into slavery, or stoning your wives to death because they weren't virgins when you married, or having multiple wives, plus some mistresses on the side. I also don't see you giving all your money away to the poor like Jesus told you to. But I suppose it's ok to sincerely pick one thing out of the Bible to get your panties in a wad over.

You don't get to discriminate, call it religious freedom, and then pass laws that infringe on other people's civil rights. Not only is that kind of bullshittery expressly banned by the Constitution, it's just plain out, good ol' fashioned wrong. It was wrong when Black Americans were discriminated against, and it's wrong now.

So fuck off, Arizona politicians. Wake up and smell the real America, the one that thinks your backward, ignorant, hate-filled idiocy is something that needs to be stamped out for good. You and your kind are no longer welcome here.