Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Long Overdue Update!

Ok kids, here's the update:

Yes, Awakening has been seriously delayed.  This is due to a variety of reasons, which include a semi-emergency move; death of a pet; job drama, both good and bad; medical issues; college; and a variety of other unfortunate/inconvenient/unexpected events.  With that said--

Awakening is on its way to completion.  It will be out soon--another couple months or so, as shit settles down.  Prepare for an amazeballs book, because it's gonna be.

Next, because we all know I love me a good rant, we have the I don't GAF (for those not interwebs-speak savvy, that means Give A Fuck) what people think about what I think update.  Actually, it's more of a reiteration of what you've seen from me before, but after all the hoopla regarding certain things that certain well-known individuals have spewed forth into the public sphere and received the backlash of the unforgiving public, I felt the need to restate my point. This is prompted by a blog post I recently read, written by an "expert," which advises authors to not discuss politics or religion as they could alienate readers with their views.