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I live in West Virginia with my zoo of four cats and two dogs, all of whom supervise me diligently as I write, and ensure that I take regular breaks by demanding playtime, cuddles, and food.

I love wickedly funny and inappropriate humor. I'm very passionate about equal rights for everyone, and you'll see me preach about that every so often on my blog. I also am a proud "grammar-nazi/word abuse police" person, hence the "Say What?" series on my blog. Which I'm thinking about turning into it's own separate blog, because believe it or not, it's getting kind of popular (please note the appropriate use of "of" there).

I love pretty much all book genres, but my faves are sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian. 

I also design book covers and do other graphic design (See Book Covers for Sale for more info).  I beta read, edit and proofread.  Interested in having me do any of these? Shoot an email to elise.valente@gmail.com.

Other fun facts:  I love technology and gadgets (I'd die without my smartphone), I have a crazy sense of humor and I enjoy meeting new people.
Anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

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For the latest information on upcoming titles, you can visit my website and blog at elisevalente.blogspot.com.  You can also keep up with me on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EliseValente, and follow me on Twitter at @EliseValente.  If you'd like to contact me directly, you can send email to elise.valente@gmail.com.

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Who does your cover art?

I do my own cover art.  I initially hadn't planned to do it, but the services from "graphic designers" I researched wanted anywhere from $75 to $300 dollars for me to search the internet, find images, and have them arrange them on a cover for me and add text.  Not to sound snotty, but I can do that myself in about half an hour.  I wanted something original, and I wanted unique art that would become a "brand" style for my series.  So, I did the entire cover myself. 

If anyone is interested in having me design a book cover or other digital artwork, please feel free to email me at elise.valente@gmail.com.

Did you listen to music while writing Vendetta?  If so, what songs did you listen to?

I personally find that music helps me to imagine scenes in greater detail.  It's kind of like the background music in a movie--it's not strictly necessary to tell the story, but it really helps expand on the emotional feel of the scene, and gets you that much more involved in what you see.  So I did listen to music quite a bit while I was writing, and here's the list of what I listened to while writing Vendetta:

Spitfire--The Prodigy (I also think of this as Damon's song)

Get Up--Korn & Skrillex

Combat--Heaven Shall Burn

Cornell--Oscar Araujo (from the Castlevania video game soundtrack)

Hunting Path--Oscar Araujo (from the Castlevania video game soundtrack)


The Sacrilegious Scorn--Dimmu Borgir

Furious Angels--Rob Dougan (from the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack)

Clubbed to Death--Rob Dougan (from the Matrix soundtrack)

My Heart is Broken--Evanescence

Only the Strong Survive--Flaw

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