Monday, March 23, 2015

"Say What?" Chaotic Stinking

(Seen in actual published novels. !!!)

"She entered the fray, reeking havoc all over the place."

Who knew chaos and ass-whipping smelled so damn bad? And to think one person could be the cause of all the foul odors is, well astounding. Perhaps our character ate a ton of garlic, or eggs, or onions, or asparagus. Perhaps she was sprayed by a skunk before doing battle.

Or maybe, just maybe, she hasn't showered in a couple weeks. 

Regardless, we all know that nothing clears a room faster than the arrival of a potent stench, so +10 points to our heroine for discovering the most efficient way to defeat her enemies--by releasing that onion-garlic-egg silent-but-deadly right in the nick of time.

*Wreak, and you're welcome.

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