Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Say What?" Personnel Things Are For Staff Only

(Seen in several places, but most recently in a book I read. The book was otherwise fabulous, but it was literally polluted with this mistake).

"It was his personnel stash from home."

"She put her personnel feelings on the back burner."

Reeeaally. What you're telling me is that man, bless his soul, loved his staff members SO MUCH, he not only had a stash of them, but he took them with him to wherever he was going. I wonder if the staff members in question had any say in the matter, or if they were all simply stuffed into a duffel bag and carted away. (Though, in my honest opinion, that would have been rather cruel. The staff members in the duffel bag would have been cramped and hot, and the trip would have been an unpleasant experience for them.)

And the second character has feelings toward her staff members, feelings that get in the way of other things. Her feelings about her staff get in the way so much, she has to put that shit on the back burner in order to function. That's some hella good personnel she's got right there.

So, if you ever feel unimportant, take a good look around at yourself and your coworkers. Know that YOU, the personnel, are important enough that your boss will cart you with him/her everywhere, and their rather strong feelings about you can get in the way of their lives. You, personnel, have that power. Wield it wisely.

*Personal, and you're welcome.

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