Thursday, July 17, 2014

Link to a New World (Zelda Fanfic) by Megan Elliott

All laughter I had inside of me dissipated like a popped bubble. “My name is Zaria Yumiko, I come from Oakbank but I’m guessing you wouldn’t know where that is…. As for how I got here, I have no idea. I went to bed and woke up in a desert. I wish I could tell you more but I really don’t know anything.” I look at them, pleading with my eyes hoping they’ll believe me, I know I should still be frightened out of my mind right now, but being in this place, I feel at peace. It almost feels as if I’m home, I lock eyes with Link for just an instant and I see a sense of hope in the depths of his blue eyes. I avert my eyes quickly to hide my embarrassment, I can already feel the blush creeping into my cheeks.

Bushy brows speaks up again, I’m going to assume he’s the head honcho in this place. “Well Link, since you insisted upon bringing her here, then you must take responsibility for her. You know we do not like having many outsiders in our peaceful grove. I suggest you take her to your place for safe keeping. I will let Saria know you are here and perhaps she could give us some guidance for the time being.”

                “Thank you Kiori, I will take Zaria to my place and please tell Saria to some see me once you have finished speaking with her.” He shifts his gaze my way and holds out his hand, I guess it’s my cue to leave. I grab his hand and pull myself up, every muscle in my body protests. I’m going to need a really good stretch once I get to Link’s. I feel a little self-consciousness with what I’m wearing; everyone around me is clad in green and modestly covered, I’m starting to feel a little naked. Letting go of his hand I cross my arms over my chest, mostly to cover myself and keep the chill I feel creeping into my bones. Stepping foot outside the house I get a whole new rush. This place is breathtaking, there are multiple tree-like structures surrounding the area. Each one different from the next, everything is so green and luscious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen grass this vibrant and soft before. People milled about talking to each other, and every once in a while, they would stop to glance our way. I must look really strange to these people, tall, dressed funny, and completely not from here. As I look around I see these little balls of light flying around each person.

                “Ummm, excuse me, but what are those little balls of light floating around everyone?” I say timidly. He turns around to look at me and grins. “Hey Navi, come out of hiding and introduce yourself.” All of a sudden I see this ball of blue light peek out from under Link’s hat and it flies at me. “What the hell” I exclaim when it stops a mere inch from my face. “Hi, I’m Navi, nice to meet you,” says a musical little voice. I peer closer at the floating mass in front of me. “No way!!! Are you what I think you are?” Link just starts laughing at me, I can just tell that I must have an expression like a kid at Christmas, completely mystified.

“If you are thinking this little one is a fairy then yes you are correct. I’m surprised you aren’t freaking out right about now.”

“Honestly I’m surprised I’m not either, but this is beyond amazing. I feel as if I just stepped into a fairy tale. I just feel really relaxed here,” I say, smiling for the first time since I got here.

                “Well I’m glad to hear that, now just follow me, we’re almost there. I just want to apologize for Kiori’s behaviour, it’s just as he said--they aren’t accustomed to having outsiders here. Please don’t take offence, they are very kind people once they warm up to you,” he says apologetically.

“No I get it, I wouldn’t want some random stranger in my home, especially one that looks like me. Let’s be honest, I stick out like a sore thumb,” I say as we walk up a dirt path that leads to an actual tree house. “Link, is this your house? It’s fantastic.” There’re drawings on the bottom of the trunk next to what I’m assuming is the only way in. “Is umm…. That ladder the only way to get in?” I say gulping, I’ve never been a fan of heights. He looks at me quizzically for a minute before saying, “Yes it is, is that a problem? If so you can hop onto my back and I can give you a lift…”

                I look at him open-mouthed, no way can he be serious. “You’re kidding me here right??” The blank look he gives me tells me all. He’s deadly serious. “It’s fine, thank you for the offer but I can manage.” Reaching my shaking hand for the first rung, I hoist myself up. Inch by small inch I dang my body up to the top. Crashing face first into the floor, climbing next to me he says, “Are you alright?” with a hint of laughter to his voice.

Grinning, I stand up. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just not the most graceful, compared to you I’m a total oaf.”  Putting his hand on my shoulder he says, “Well at least I know I will never be bored with you around.”

                Gasping I turn around and slap him on the arm. “How dare you say such things to a lady!” He just chuckles while he enters through a curtain door. The nerve of that guy, I smile silently to myself, how odd that I already feel comfortable around him. It’s just so natural, as if we have been friends for years, what a crazy notion.


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