Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Andori and The Sun Man by Mary Wright

A tall, bright bulb of light appeared before Andori, and said that this was a day of opportunity for him.


“Is that all you have to say!” The Sun Man said aggravated, his human-genie-elf-like form changing to make his appearance not so blinding, “I choose this day to appear before you, and you do not say things that make sense!”

All the legends, he believed them, sure. But he didn’t think that The Sun Man was actually going to appear before him. He had worshipped The Sun Man statue all his life, as everyone else did. But here he was, hovering. “I…..believed you were real.” Said Andori, slowly, careful not to trip over his tongue, “I just didn’t think you were really real.

The statue’s likeness seemed almost offensive, when Andori looked from the statue then to the True Sun Man. His heart raced. Would his true form notice the difference in his widely-worshipped form? Twenty feet away from where they spoke, he heard the commotion of the traditional Firelight Worship Circle his community held every Saturday. “As I said before,” the Sun Man repeated, throwing his upper limbs in the air in disgust, “This is a day of opportunity for you. You heard that, yes?”

“Of course. I hear everything the Sun Man says.”

The floating form hovered closer. “Is that what they are teaching kids these days? To tell me that they listen to all I say?”

“Uh….I do not mean to offend you….”

“Of course you don’t.” The Sun Man said, pointing one of his limbs at his not-so-look-alike twin, “No, no – but whoever made that statue most definitely did.”

Andori laughed nervously. “Right.”

“Is this,” he motioned to it, “what you all see me as?”

“That is what we are taught, yes.” He answered, “Since you do not appear to us, and there are only the stories we hear while we are little……Yes. That’s who you are. What you are. Whichever you prefer.”

“Any politeness will not be needed,” the Sun Man said, “I don’t understand why people think I am royalty.”

“You are to us,” Andori answered.

“Your true purpose. I see it,” he said, breathing in deeply.

“You do!”

“Yes, I just said that!” The Sun Man answered, “Now, shh. You have said that you will listen…..Now you must remember what I tell you now. And pass it on as a children’s story.”

Square-shaped feet formed at the base of the Sun Man. Wrapping one of his upper limbs around Andori’s shoulders, they walked, slowly, through the forest together.
The Sun Man continued, “The Sun Man has purple skin, NOT green, you will tell them. He has three eyes, not one. He isn’t a walking being unless circumstance warrants it.” He paused for effect. “I didn’t save all those people from that Great Mudslide, although it would’ve been great if I could’ve. That Burning Twigs story has no truth in it whatsoever. The Five Cousins never actually brought me any gifts. They forgot my Origin Day three years in a row, thank you very much!” Andori opened his mouth, and then abruptly closed it. “You may speak.”

“You are telling me truth when all I have heard is lies.” Andori said, “And I do not doubt it, but how shall I tell the others?”

“Have you been listening? I think you need to listen closer. I told you, a children’s story.” The Sun Man thought for a moment, eyes widening in prophecy. “Your son.”

“My son?”

The Sun Man waved his free upper limb dismissively, “Your future son, of course, of course.”

“But, you must know…..”

“Of course I know that you do not like to love in what your people call the traditional way,” said the Sun Man, “It is no matter. Your sister…..”


“Your sister will die in five years’ time. Two years from now, she shall have a son, and when she dies, he shall become yours to take care of. You must start the Story of Truth with him. You may even call it that, if you must.”

“What if I call it Andori and the Sun Man?” he asked.

“You worship me in a way that the others do not,” the Sun Man said, and Andori blushed. “I understand that. I guess….if you must make the story believable, then that shall be the name. Call it the Age of New Truth. Knock down this…..imitation of me and have your greatest sculptor, Cadax – 

“She does not sculpt!” Andori insisted.

“You question me?”

“I do not. I just do not believe it to be so.”

“Well it is so.” The Sun Man said, “So……anyway. Cadax. Get her to put up a new statue with the description you see before your eyes.”

“Purple not green. Three eyes not one. You float a lot, but occasionally walk.”

“You were listening,” The Sun Man said, delighted.

Andori smiled. “Yes.”

“So this is what I ask of you,” The Sun Man told him, “To tell the true story of me. The one not based on dreams and vague notions to fit needs of control, but of what you see and hear before you.”

Andori nodded in understanding, and went to walk back to his community….. “Wait one more thing!” said the Sun Man, now floating once more.

Andori turned around. “Yes?”

“I never did carry an uprooted tree on my back. I never carry heavy things. I’m too lazy.”

The Sun Man hugged him, and then waved his upper limb in goodbye, and Andori did the same with his hand.

In simultaneous disbelief and renewed belief in the Sun Man, Andori walked back to his community, pretending it was but a normal worship session with the statue. Eventually, the story was told, and then, even farther down the line it turned into the story of Cadax and the Sun Man, but you know, things change over time and all that.

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