Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Say What?" Part I've-Lost-Track: Cars Are Fragile Things

(Seen in books written by real authors. I have one question--WHERE IS YOUR EDITOR????)

"She slammed on the breaks, narrowly avoiding the animal in the road." 

And, conversely:

"He took a brake, too stressed out to keep going."


For starters, both words can be used as nouns or verbs. I understand how this can be confusing (not really), but bear (not "bare," we'll get to that in another post) with me here.

In the first instance, I suppose it would be helpful if your car tore into a million pieces to avoid hitting an innocent animal in the road. But, to be honest, I can't see that there is any guarantee a random piece won't hit said animal; and, I don't know that car manufacturers would stay in business for very long if, every time there was an obstacle, your vehicle fell to bits.

In the second instance, I am confused as to how a brake (pictured above) could relieve stress, but hey, I understand everyone is different, and I am completely accepting of the fact that a brake brings you some measure of comfort. Even if that is really effing weird.

So, to recap:

* "She slammed on the brakes" or

   "He put the brakes on the idea" (meaning he stopped it from progressing)


   "He took a break" or

   "Glass breaks easily"

And you're welcome.

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