Monday, May 5, 2014

"Say What?" Part 11: Contractions, Part 2: Unfortunately, The Abuse Continues

(If you missed the first bit about contractions and the use of the word "of," click here to see it. This is a follow-up to that post, as I've just read a book that proves some people still aren't paying any damn attention.)

Ok, so I just got done reading a book. It was a very good story, overall. However, I had a mild a seizure every time I saw what I'm about to share with you. The book was littered with this, and so I felt some continuing education on the use of contractions utilizing the word "have" was in order.

(Note: This not an example taken directly from the book. I do my best not to reveal the names or other identifying details of people who commit these word abuses, because I'm not out to publicly shame anyone.)

"He had to of taken the other path."

NO.  NO.  NO.  And NO some more.

If you're going to get all vernacular with the word "have," you still need to follow the rules. People--especially AUTHORS, for crying out loud--you really need to listen to me. Don't engage in this word abuse. "Of" does not mean "have," and it never will. THINK about what you're typing before you type it. Or, for the love of all that's holy, GET AN EDITOR. A real editor, not your bff.

*He had to've taken the other path (or, if that looks too funny for you, just separate the damn words out--had to have), and you're welcome.

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