Monday, April 21, 2014

"Say What?" Part 7: You Are So Doctor-Ish

(Seen when people are trying to point out contradictions in another's argument, opinion, or beliefs.)

"Stop being so Hippocratical."

"You're being a Hippocrate."

Hippocrates, from whose name we get such terms as "The Hippocratic Oath," was the father of modern medicine. And while he is, in fact, famous for his medical achievements, he is not widely considered a contradictory person. In fact, I know of no historical record that points to Hippocrates being the kind of man who says one thing, then says something completely opposite of that thing, without understanding that the two things are mutually exclusive. Nope, he was a pretty consistent guy.

Further, the Hippocratic Oath is the oath doctors take, the one where they pledge they will do no harm, as well as pledge all kinds of other nice things like promising to take care of their patients, be compassionate, and so forth. To be "Hippocratic" means to be like Hippocrates was--a doctor, a healer, a compassionate person who seeks to better the health and well-being of those who are sick or injured.

So, when you tell someone to "stop being Hippocratical," you're actually telling them to stop being so doctor-like. Damn those doctor-like people, anyhow. Godforsaken scum! No one likes those assholes, with all their talk of diet and exercise and eating those disgusting vegetables. Who do they think they are, anyway?

*Hypocritical and hypocrite, respectively, and you're welcome.

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