Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Say What?" Part 6: The Dogs of War

Note: Feel free to comment on any or all of these. If you personally happen to see one of these egregious, twitch-inducing grammar/spelling/word abuses yourself and would like me to address it, TELL ME! I'm happy to take them all on.

(Seen in honest-to-god novels. This was done by real authors, which makes it just that much worse.)

"He's a war mongrel."

And apparently, mongrels come in pumpernickel and rye varieties.

...but I digress.

Throughout history, there have been many shining examples of exemplary military leadership. These include the feats of General Shaggy Biscuitlover, who, through superior might, managed to get dogs everywhere recognized as "good boys." Or how about Warlord Fluffybutt McSnowball who, through a tricksy, ninja-like campaign, guaranteed endless petting for those dogs with long, soft fur.

If it wasn't for military leaders like Shaggy Biscuitlover and Fluffybutt McSnowball, dogs would not enjoy the cushioned comfort and endless lavishment by humans that they do today. So let us all take a moment to honor those war mongrels, as their noble sacrifices have bettered the lives of dogs everywhere.

*Warmonger (please also note this is ONE word, not two), and you're welcome.

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