Monday, April 14, 2014

"Say What?" Part 5: I Defiantly Post Hilarious Stuff

(Seen pretty much everywhere, on all kinds of posts, all over the interwebz.)

"I defiantly know that movie's gonna suck."

Even Google knows you're wrong!

It's nice to know you're so certain about everything in life--so very certain, in fact, that you insist on making your certainty a point of rebellion. You aren't just sure you know something; you are defiantly sure, the kind of defiant sureness that sent men to their deaths in ancient wars for freedom.

All hail you, the King or Queen of Defiance. If it wasn't for you, talking points would never be so solidly fitted within our psyches, screaming their truthfulness into our waking and sleeping minds until, one day, we are compelled to tell the world that This.  Is.  Sparta!!!

*Definitely, and you're welcome.

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