Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Long Overdue Update!

Ok kids, here's the update:

Yes, Awakening has been seriously delayed.  This is due to a variety of reasons, which include a semi-emergency move; death of a pet; job drama, both good and bad; medical issues; college; and a variety of other unfortunate/inconvenient/unexpected events.  With that said--

Awakening is on its way to completion.  It will be out soon--another couple months or so, as shit settles down.  Prepare for an amazeballs book, because it's gonna be.

Next, because we all know I love me a good rant, we have the I don't GAF (for those not interwebs-speak savvy, that means Give A Fuck) what people think about what I think update.  Actually, it's more of a reiteration of what you've seen from me before, but after all the hoopla regarding certain things that certain well-known individuals have spewed forth into the public sphere and received the backlash of the unforgiving public, I felt the need to restate my point. This is prompted by a blog post I recently read, written by an "expert," which advises authors to not discuss politics or religion as they could alienate readers with their views.

I would like to be clear in my position on this--I will discuss what I want, when I want, however the fuck I want to discuss it.  If you wish to engage in civil debate on the subject, I'm happy to oblige.  If you decide that I need to be flamed, trolled, insulted, etc. over any opinion I express, you may happily go fuck yourself.

You see, I don't care.  I am confident enough in my intelligence, knowledge, and just general arrogance that I don't really GAF what you think of what I think.  I know full well if I make it public that I invite criticism, and that's fine.  No one who puts themselves out in the public sphere can honestly expect not to get at least some sort of criticism regarding anything they say.

But, I am going to go a step further here and lay most of it out on the line.  I say "most" because to cover everything would take much too long a post, and I figure the big items will lead everyone to a general idea of what I feel about a particular issue.

So, in no particular order--

I believe gays have the right to love and get married as they see fit.

I hate racism in any form.

I hate religious bigotry, however it manifests itself.

I hate misogyny.

I am pro-choice.

I am pro-education, and believe the education system in this country is fucked.

I believe both the Republican and Democratic parties are full of lying, corrupt pieces of shit, which is why I'm with the Green Party.

I believe every human has the right to food, water, electricity, and a safe place to live.

I think bullies, especially adult bullies, should be drawn and quartered.

I believe that guns aren't the issue--the lack of appropriate mental health resources for the disadvantaged is the issue.

Again, this list is by no means all-inclusive, but it basically boils down to this--the only thing I truly hate are bigoted, self-important idiots who wave their holy books at others as weapons of hate, instead of the instruments of love those holy books are supposed to be.  I hate racists who think the color of a person's skin makes that person somehow more or less than they are.  And I believe in a woman's right to choose and gay people's right to get married because their lives are none of my goddamned business.

If this puts you off reading my stories, that's fine by me.  I'd rather have a following of people who believe that everyone has a right to dignity, respect, security, and control of their own bodies, and I'd really rather not have any hateful, bigoted assholes as my fans.

Again, I can respect opinions that differ from mine, as long as they are presented respectfully and without hatefulness.  Spew any bullshit at me, though, and you'll see the true meaning of "bitch," right before I block your ass and go merrily on my way, not giving two shits what you think about me.  How can I do that?  Because I don't GAF, that's why.

I am who I am, and I'm not about to hide it to increase sales.  I am, above all, true to myself, and true to the world I present myself to.  And even if that means I never sell another book, it will mean that I have maintained something much greater than a sale--my self-integrity.

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  1. Always be true to yourself! Too many people can't be.