Friday, May 3, 2013

We Got It!!! Finding Inspiration--A Guest Post by Kai Kiriyama

This is the one blog post I never intended to write. And never for a blog tour. I don't think that I have anything really new or interesting to say on the topic of getting inspiration. I was joking around about writing this blog post earlier.

"I eat the dust motes in the sunbeams that wake me up in the morning and those dust specks become stories."

"I once swallowed a watermelon seed and the plant that grew in my belly was removed when it was too big and inside were all the stories I would write in my lifetime."

"I gut hobos and read their entrails like tea leaves."

Finding myself getting inspired, or making a note of where I get inspiration from is the least of my worries when I'm writing a book. I never really question where the thoughts that eventually become my stories come from, and I've never really made a point to accurately document where the ideas come from. I dream some of them. I get inspired by the news. Or by a book or TV show.  Sometimes, even the tea leaves give you a good inspiration. (Or the hobo guts, whatever floats your boat.)

I wish that I could say that there was a simple trick to getting the muse and the magic to work on a regular basis, but I don't know anything like that. Except, that I know that I do get the best ideas for my stories in the shower. Ha ha. I think the shower trick works the best for me because I find the water soothing and the shower is the one place where I can be truly alone and awake. It's a great place for me to gather my thoughts, unwind, or rev myself up. Whenever I get stuck, I go and take a shower and most of the time, it seems to get the inspiration back running and flowing. It's gonna suck major balls in the zombie apocalypse when there's no hot water and no way for me to write stories though.

If I can be brutally honest, I write because it settles my thoughts. I have a really overly active imagination and I think far too hard about everything. I lose a lot of sleep because I worry and think about everything all the time. I also suffer mild insomnia and writing is an excellent outlet for me to let my thoughts go. I find that the more I write, the better I sleep. It's a really interesting kind of cycle and I sincerely recommend keeping a thoughts journal near your bed. Especially if you want to write. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and jot things down. Sometimes, those random thoughts that pull me from blackout sleep become things in my novels. Sometimes not. Either way, it acts like Dumbledore's pensieve, and I can get my thoughts out and onto paper to relax me a lot better.

I could ramble forever about all the little tricks and things I do to get my thoughts out and to get inspiration for my novels, but that would be a long and boring ass list. Instead, why don't you tell me what YOU do to get inspired? Music? (Got any recommendations?) Books? Movies? Jumping jacks and pushups? I wanna hear 'em!

Thanks for reading.Slainté.

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