Sunday, February 3, 2013

FlashFictionRun is an AMAZING SUCCESS!

This second flash fiction event gave us 15 stories, all of which were a joy to read and host here.  It's an honor to me that so many talented writers participated in this event I have now hosted for a second time, and will host at random in the future.

I would like to take a moment to talk about how and why I started this, and why I will continue doing this for the foreseeable future (besides the fantastic fun of it all).  I got the idea from Ksenia Anske (who, if you haven't followed her, you should because she's just a lovely person).  Ksenia Anske hosted a flash fiction event on her blog, and I thought that was a unique, interesting, and fun thing to do.

More importantly, I thought it was a necessary thing to do.  Indie and new authors have a hard time getting any exposure out there.  Without the resources of a major publisher behind us, we have to work, work, work our tails off just to get even ONE person to give our books a try.  It's a tough world out there for us as we struggle mightily to make a career out of something we love doing.

And that's where the necessary part comes into it.  I have met amazing people, many of them fellow authors, on social networks.  I've seen their talented writing, and I've seen their awesome personalities.  They support, encourage, and cheer each other, helping each other (me included) to get where we're all headed.  So, this is necessary because otherwise, such fantastic authors may never get the exposure they need and well deserve.  

Any and all exposure is a huge boon for any author, and so I wanted to create at least one avenue where I could give back to the writing community that has welcomed me with open arms into their ranks.  And these flash fiction events are it.  They're fun, they're challenging, and I have to be honest--I have THE BEST TIME reading all the stories before I post them.  Then I have the BEST TIME sharing them with the world.

And by "world," I literally mean the world.  This second event exploded with popularity, and the stories have been read from damn near everywhere--Japan, Taiwan, The Netherlands, the UK, Bulgaria, the UAE, Egypt, just to name a few.  If that isn't some FANTABULOUS exposure, I don't know what is.  And I am beyond tickled to death that I was able to facilitate that kind of exposure for the people who need it most.

So this is for you, fellow authors.  All the way, 100% for you.   It's my way of showing you off to the world, while at the same time saying THANK YOU for being the awesome peeps that you are.


  1. Thank you for running this fun event!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting this! It was great fun to be able to participate!

  3. Aww, your post just gave me a warm fuzzy. Thanks so much for hosting us. And yes, I agree that getting to know other writers adds to the utter joy of writing. :)

  4. Thank you so much Elise!!! It's a genius idea by the amazing Ksenia Anske, and a great platform set by sweetly wonderfully you. Much grateful my good person. Keep on rocking! ;)