Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Thoughts by G.M. Reinfeldt

                “Is that him?” inquired the soft voice of Bea.

                “Yeah and that slut, too!” the second voice, venomous with rage, belonged to Ann.

                “Shhhh,” Marlene shushed everyone.

                “What does it matter no one can hear us,” Ann could not hide the rage that played at the edges of each word.

                “Maybe we should forgive him?” meekly questioned Bea.

                Marlene turned the key.  She gripped the steering wheel tighter and pulled out of the parking space.  She followed behind the couple for a few blocks.  The couple stopped for him to buy his companion a single rose.

                “Ahhh, how sweet,” Bea admired.  “He is such a good man.”

                “Riiiiiight.  What a sweetie.  He is cheating on us,” Ann pointed out.

                Marlene did not respond, but continued to follow the couple to a restaurant.

                “A fancy dinner, how romantic,” Bea’s words seemed to flutter on the wings of love.

                “Never did that with me…or us.  He would always want to stay in and say some bull like ‘I don’t want to share you with the rest of the world’ and blah, blah, blah,” Ann vented.

                “It was always nice,” Marlene voiced up.

                “I never complained either,” Bea added.

                “Weak.  Your opinions are worthless,” Ann verbally assaulted Bea.  “I never complained either, but why does she get everything?” Adding the question they all wanted to ask. 

                Marlene parked across from the restaurant.  Brrrriiiinnngggg… Brrrriiiinnngggg. “Hello?” Marlene answered.

                “Hey do you think we can meet up later?”  His voice made Marlene tingle.

                “Oh yeah, you will see us later,” Ann voiced up.

                “What?  Who was that?  Are you with someone?”  He accused.

                “No just me.  Later is fine.  What are you doing?” Marlene covered.

                “Work…stuff.  Just boring work stuff.”

                “Can we go out?”

                “No.  I just want to stay in.  Maybe some Chinese food.  Sorry got to go.” Click. 

                Marlene heard him say ‘just work’ as he hung up.

                “You see he loves us.”

                “Riiiiiight,” Ann’s words drip with sarcasm.

                “Better go get Chinese,” Marlene conceded.

                “No!  Stay put,” ordered Ann.

                Marlene let go of the wheel and watched as the couple sat near the window.  They ordered drinks, appetizers, meals, and deserts laughing the whole time.  They held hands and kissed throughout the dinner.  They spent some time quietly staring at each other longingly.  So it was no surprise that they paid and walked to his place.

                Marlene knew the route all too well.  She had made the trip many times in the late of night and back before the sun ever rose.  Marlene sped ahead and waited for them.

                Marlene spotted them as they entered the intersection.  She pounced on the gas.  The car lunged forward.  Their faces turned toward her.  Bea pleaded forgiveness.  Ann screamed for blood.  Marlene hit the brakes stopping just short of the couple.

                He saw her.  She stared at him through tear soaked eyes.  His date screamed and pounded on the hood of the car.  He begged forgiveness, as did she, through an unspoken bound.  He broke away first grabbing his date.  The couple now ran to his place for safety, not passion.

                Bea’s soft voice cheered for the triumph of love, but all Marlene heard is the rant of rage from Ann.  “You are weak!  Weak!  You don’t deserve him!  Pathetic!  Just Pathetic!”  Ann paused the verbal barrage for a moment. “I knew you couldn’t do it.  That is why I took care of it.”

                Boom!  His building bursts into flames.  Sirens and lights followed quickly behind. 

                “Hahaha,” Ann laughed.  “I even told them who to look for.  No one will ever hurt us again.” 

                The police arrived on the scene and immediately arrested Marlene.

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  1. The use of the "friends" in this piece is excellent. The fact that it's her "friends" are her crazy thoughts is a fantastically creepy & disturbing basis for the story. Wonderful!