Thursday, January 31, 2013

Batting 1000 by Kerryn Bryant

     Avah had had it. It was one of those days. It all started with the alarm being set for 6pm instead of AM and that affectively makes her late for work. Then the moment she walks into work, even more late because she caught every damn red light, her boss pulls her into his office to give her the “Let’s not make this a habit” talk- no shit Sherlock. By the time she makes it to the break room the only coffee left is not only burnt but isn’t substantial enough to make a full cup; and no one thought to make a fresh pot... oh wait, there aren’t any coffee grounds left, outstanding.

     As if it isn’t already a crappy day, every client and their mother wants to complain about something and it takes every fiber in Avah’s body not to cuss one of them out. Then for whatever reason the ‘ol cell phone goes on the fritz and has a lovely red line down the middle of the screen, what does that text say? Oh yes a text from the guy she’s sorta been seeing for the past three weeks doesn’t think things are going to work out; should have held out for two more dates.

     And the last straw is her office buddy; her go to girl for a quick joke, a shoulder to sigh on, and an ear to listen, is effectively snubbing her for God knows what reason.

     So it shouldn’t have surprised Avah that she had been asked to stay late and finish up on the work she had missed. It shouldn’t have surprised her that being only forty-five minutes late to work would result in two hours of after prime time work. And it really shouldn’t have surprised her that her boss, the slime ball that he is, made a pass at her the moment that last soul left for the day.

     Nope, none of this should have surprised her. She grips the wheel of her ten year old Grand Prix, the steering system is making a horrible whining noises; she makes a mental note to get that checked. The sun is already setting, causing it to reflect perfectly off of the hood of her car, she has to lean to her right just to see past it.

     “Can this day get any worse?” She mumbles.

     Just as Avah is pulling up to a light it turns green.  She taps the gas and her car rolls forward, Then murphy’s law delivers.  The car traveling perpendicular slows just enough to appear to be stopping and then hits the gas and turns right into Avah’s lane sparing her just enough time to hit the brakes.

     “Oh my God!” Fed up, at her limits, and ready to scream, Avah tailgates the person who cut her off. Of course they brake check, like it’s her fault they cut her off. When the car pulls into a sparsely populated parking lot Avah makes a rash decision. She follows and pulls into a spot one down.

     She throws her door open just as the other driver is stepping out of his car.

     “What?” The guy snaps.  

     “You cut me off.”  

     The guy actually chuckles, “Shouldn’t drive like a bitch then.” He slams his door and walks away. Avah bites her lip and climbs back into her car. Pulling something from under her seat she lays it across her lap and waits.

     Twenty minutes later the guy walks out with a bag of groceries. Avah steps from her car and casually walks toward the guy.

     “Seriously, you are pathetic,” The man says and smirks when he sees what she has in her hand. “Ohhh I’m so scared.” He rolls his eyes and hits a button on his key fob. As he reaches for the handle of his car Avah chokes up and swings. The sound the bat makes when it hits the back of his head is terrible and wonderful. The guy goes down and besides a few twitches he doesn’t move.

     “You should have been scared.” She swings the bat once more across the back of his head and then stares down at his lifeless body, “Who’s the bitch now?”


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  1. Kerryn, great build up to the "terrible and wonderful." Thank you for sharing your story! Some days are better than others...
    xo Helen

    1. Thank you so much, you're very kind. I was a little worried it wasn't up to par. So truly, thanky ou! :D

  2. This, I think is a fantasy many of us have after a horrible day, LOL. Great build-up to it, great character building. I could literally feel her frustration and her triumph there at the end. Love it!

  3. Interesting approach, Felt for Avah, She truly seems like a very angry person, however, with a day like that, I think we all have felt like taking situations into our own hands.

    Good presentation, I could actually see, as I read, all that was happening.....

    donna dowd

  4. I laughed at this one! She had power! Muahaha.
    But, damn. She took it to the extreme, which just rocks the murder thing. LOL. Bravo!