Monday, December 3, 2012

Maternal Instincts by Jason Cantrell

               She rose from the bed she shared with her lover, glancing down at the slumbering form framed by golden hair.  Her heart soared at the sight of her angel, and ached at the knowledge of crimes unconfessed.  She leaned over to kiss her sleeping lover, the taste of the night’s passion still warm on the sleeping girl’s lips.  Her lover whimpered and shifted in her sleep, and she smiled, tucking the blanket over her to keep her warm.  Then she turned and silently padded from the room, scooping her clothes off the floor as she went.

                As she dressed, she texted Lily: Are you hungry?

                A few minutes later, once she was dressed and pulling her shoes on, the phone vibrated with a return message: Starving.

                She smiled, glancing towards the bedroom to make sure her lover was still asleep.  Still with one shoe on and one off, she sent another message: Meet you at the diner in 20?

                Lily agreed, and she tucked the phone away.  Jacket in hand, and backpack slung over her shoulder, she left the small apartment, being extra careful as she closed the door not to make a sound.

                She arrived at the diner early, and stepped around to the back, out of sight of the street.  She paced as she waited, hoping that Lily would get there soon.  She couldn’t risk being gone long. 


                She turned and immediately smiled.  Lily always managed to sneak up on her.  “Hey,” she said.  A blush stained her cheeks pink as blood rushed to her face, and Lily eyed her with a sparkle in her eyes.  She stepped forward, slipping her arms around the younger girl who was actually so much older.

                “I can’t stay long,” she whispered.  Lily just nodded, inhaling deeply of her scent, her nose nuzzling her neck.  She let out a whimper at the touch, and her hands stroked Lily’s hair.  She held her breath, waiting.  Lily’s tender lips caressed her neck, and her soft tongue tickled her skin.  She tensed, her hands slipping around Lily’s head and pressing her closer.

                Then the fangs pierced her neck, and she moaned, staggering and leaning against Lily’s strong, slender body.

                Those soft lips suckled the wound in her neck, drawing forth tender whimpers.  She stroked Lily’s hair as the girl drank, her tongue flicking into the cut to draw forth more blood.  She smiled, holding Lily as gently as a babe, cradling her against her neck and letting her have her fill.  “That’s it,” she whispered as she patted Lily’s back.  “Drink...”

                She grew dizzy, the blood loss sending a rush to her head.  Soon she had to pull away, pushing Lily back.  Bloodstained lips whimpered, yearning for more, and she had to hold Lily back to keep her from drinking too much. 

                When Lily regained control of herself, they shared a smile.  Then she leaned forward and kissed Lily’s forehead, feeling a swell of pride.


  1. LOVE the descriptions within this story. Very visceral. And as a mother of two, may I say...rather disturbing in terms of the maternal aspect? ;)

    Great job, Jason!

  2. Disturbing was totally what I was going for! I actually developed this concept a fair bit further in other works, the idea of "giving life" to a vampire by allowing them to feed. People often think of vampire feeding as a sexual, erotic act (See: True Blood). But I think of it as a more nurturing one.