Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flash Fiction--Alpha (The Beginning)

     I once was made of fire.  Flame as brilliant as the sun made my wings; glowing embers made my eyes.  I burned brightly, rising above and outside the world in unending glory.

     And then he came.  

     Made of night, he burned with darklight, black and shining in the depths.  The deepest shadow made his wings; glaciers made his eyes.  He burned darkly, underneath and inside the world in brutal glory.

     Drawn to each other, to the center of all things, we danced.  Light and darkness swirled together, and through the eons we wove the fabric of oneness that would ultimately decide our fates.

     Now we are made of ice and fire.  Our wings burn black, their tips edged in flame; our eyes are made of the unending night of space, filled with the cold/warm light of the billions of stars giving life to the void.

     And we are whole.

Copyright 2012 Elise Valente. All rights reserved.

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