Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cornered by Kerryn Dowd

                “Anya, listen to me!” He grabs her so hard her teeth gnash together. She blinks, not really knowing what to do; he’s never grabbed her like this before. As a matter of fact he always avoids touching her. He gives her a gentle shake; gentle respectively.

                “Unless you want to die, right here, right now, take the damn Jian and wield it.”

                “I don’t know how!” She growls through clenched teeth.

                “Yes you do. It’s in your blood damn it.”

                “Liam, I...” His lips land on hers and for a moment she can’t move. But before she can decide if she wants to kick his ass or kiss him back he steps back, letting her go with a small shove.

                “Wield it.” He demands, his bright eyes glowing in the dim light. Anya holds her hand out and it trembles. The Jian is placed in her waiting palm and as her fingers curl around the tang she stares at the thin sword with apprehension.

                “How do I...” But before she can finish the question the door groans one last time and splits apart.

                “Fight!” Liam demands as he spins. The busted archway spews blackness into the room and the Domesticators nearly black out the overhanging lights with their dismal shadowy figures.

                Anya gags on her fear for a second; she can practically feel their cold touch. She quivers but then she sees Liam attack with his Katar’s; he’s deadly. 

                You are not a sniveling girl, you do not let guys- even if they are vampires- have all the fun... get a grip! She chastises herself. She takes a deep breath and her eyes lock on the Domesticator that is flanking Liam. She swings the Jian in a small arc, letting only her wrist rotate, and lurches forward. The tip of her sword slices through the bottom feeders’ side before he notices her. He screams in angry protest and power surges through Anya. “Oh, that felt good.”

                She smiles as the vampire, if you can call him that, bares its gnarled teeth at her. “Come and get me.” Anya taunts and the vampire moves toward her with a quickness that is otherworldly. But Anya senses its moves. A clawed hand appears through its dark, shadow like robes and Anya dips, twists and strikes out with her Jian. The vampire screams as his severed hand hits the ground and dissolves into shadowy vapor.  “I thought Vampires don’t go poof?” Anya asks no one in particular. She flicks her wrist and then drives her arm forward. The tip of the Jian connects with the Domesticators breast bone and slices through its chest like it was made of play-dough. The vampire never screamed, it didn’t have a chance to, before it spirits into dry ice vapors.


                “I’m a little busy.”

                “I thought Vampire’s didn’t go all- poof.”

                “We slowly liquesce, Anya. Can we talk about this later; I’m a little busy right now.”

                Anya watches as he moves, jabbing out in quick slick motions with his Katar’s. He takes down another rogue vampire and to Anya’s dismay the vampire falls at his feet in a heap of dark cloth. Anya scans the room and three vampires lay on the floor at Liam’s feet in three different stages of liquescing. No, this is all wrong.  Why did her vampire poof if these liquesce? She taps into her free-running, taps into her martial arts and takes off running. She streaks past Liam.


                Anya swings at a hissing vampire. Her blade slices through its midsection and comes out the other side dripping with black ink. She steps back and jabs her Jian back, point facing backwards, hard. The tip pierces through the vampire’s eye; the vampire poofs into vaporous black smoke. The room stills as the Domesticators and Liam freeze in astonishment.

                “She’s the one.” One of repulsive bottom feeders whisper. Anya turns, giving a quick whip motion to her sword; effectively clearing off most of the blood.

                “Are you going to stand there and gape or help me kill these bastards?” She asks Liam.

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