Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Beware This User--One Star Reviews as Revenge

So, someone I know left an honest review of the book "This I Know" on Goodreads.  An apparent fan of the book replied rudely to her review.  I saw it, and called the commenter out on her rudeness.  You can see the exchange below (you can click on the pic to make it easier to see):

Shortly after I called "Hayley" out on her rudeness, she rated Vendetta 1-star, and wrote, "Terrible.  Don't waste your money."

Now, I am happy to accept any and all reviews, whether the reviewer loved or hated the book.  HOWEVER, I refuse to accept a 1-star rating because a user is a little crybaby immature bitch.

She's been reported, and now I'm sharing this with the world so you all know to watch out for her.  People really need to grow the fuck up.

UPDATE:  She apparently blocked me so I couldn't see the review, and then changed her non-review of the book from "Read" to "To Read" on her bookshelf once she was called out on it.  Thankfully, I have more friends than she does, and I get screenshots (this one is from a friend's phone).  Oh BURN, I have all the proof I need:

UPDATE #2:  The reviewer apparently even removed her rude comment (see first pic above) that started all of this.  She's apparently never heard of screenshots, nor does she realize that IT people can go in and trace everything she's done on the site (please note here that I know the difference between "site" and "cite").  Now, this may sound rather evil and bitchy (and I don't care), but if you have the balls to act like a total jackass, you should have the balls to stand behind your jackassedness.  Apparently, she only bullies people when she thinks she won't get in trouble for it.

And this is where I get to say--you fucked with the wrong bitch, m'dear.

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