Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Fantastic 5-Star Review for Vendetta!

From another review of Vendetta--

"Where do I start? -- this story had it all. Action, humor, political intrigue, romance, SOLID CHARACTERS. The fact that the central characters of the story were vampires was cool. But the plot of this story was so incredible that they didn't even need to be vampires for this to be a great story. It was just sort of an awesome bonus :)

I'll start with the main character, Sanaan. I LOVED Sanaan. She was badass but vulnerable. She was as lethal of a predator as a vampire could possibly be but she had an amazing capacity to love. She was flawed, she was broken, she was real. And all of Valente's characters were like that, personable and real, like you could jump into the world of the story and find them right away because you already knew them..."

Read the whole thing HERE.

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